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About Luxe Rx: The team of Luxe Rx is founded by a team of diversely educated health practitioners: Dr. Wong, Dr. Pole & Dr. Patel. Dr. Wong is a highly accomplished cosmetic dentist who has served the Manhattan clientele for over a decade. At an early age, Dr. Katherine Wong has always loved working with her hands. She excelled in folding origami and building model ships and had a penchant for focusing on minute details. These characteristics would later serve her well in her career as a dentist. 

What was Expectations: The client’s expectations for their website, Luxer NYC, were to achieve higher rankings in their local area, increase exposure in Google My Business (GMB), and generate more calls and patient visits to their clinic. Since the website was newly built and had zero traffic, the client desired specific improvements to meet their goals. The client’s expectations can be summarized as follows:

  1. Improve Local Ranking: The client expects their website to rank higher in local search results. They want their clinic to be more visible to potential patients in their area when they search for relevant keywords or services.

  2. Enhance GMB Exposure: The client desires increased exposure in Google My Business. They expect their GMB listing to appear prominently in local search results, providing essential information such as business hours, contact details, and customer reviews.

  3. Increase Calls: The client’s goal is to receive more phone calls from potential patients. They expect their website to generate leads and encourage visitors to contact their clinic directly to inquire about services, book appointments, or ask questions.

  4. Drive Patient Visits: The client aims to increase the number of patients visiting their clinic. They expect their website to provide compelling information, build trust, and encourage potential patients to schedule appointments or visit the clinic for consultations and treatments.

  5. SEO Optimization: The client understands that their website lacks SEO optimizations. They expect improvements in on-page and technical SEO aspects to enhance its visibility in search engines and attract organic traffic.

  6. Establish Online Authority: The client desires to establish their clinic’s online authority in the local healthcare industry. They expect their website to showcase their expertise, credentials, and success stories, positioning their clinic as a trusted and reputable choice for patients.

  7. Improve User Experience: The client expects their website to provide a seamless and user-friendly experience to visitors. They want intuitive navigation, fast-loading pages, mobile responsiveness, and engaging content that educates and informs potential patients.

Overall, the client’s expectations revolve around achieving better visibility, generating more leads, and increasing patient visits through improved search engine rankings, enhanced GMB exposure, and an optimized user experience. They seek to leverage their website as a powerful tool to grow their clinic’s presence and attract more patients in their local area.


The Results


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166% increase in organic traffic and 20+ keywords ranking on 1st page of Google.

With the implementation of effective strategies and techniques, we have accomplished exceptional outcomes and significantly improved the ranking of our client’s website. Overall Stat of website improved in the term of user engagement, traffic, ROI etc.

Key Metric: Sales Generated from GOOGLE BUSINESS PAGE

One of the key metrics that holds immense significance for our client’s online success is the measure of sales directly generated from their Google Business page. This particular channel has proven to be instrumental in driving revenue and fostering business growth, showcasing its pivotal role in our strategy.



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The Execution

The strategy implemented on the website is to make them organically Rank on Google. Within only a few months of the partnership, our SEO efforts helped the client gain traction for long-tail keywords with medium search volume. We then expanded to higher search volume keywords.

From the Client

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